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A1 Autodrive Driving School experience and expertise

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Why you should choose A1 Autodrive driving school for your driving lessons:

A1 Autodrive Driving School is an independent driving school and has been teaching people to drive for 15 years, and often the most difficult cases are referred to us

The driving instructors at A1 Autodrive Driving School have enjoyed particular successes with people on the autistic spectrum

A1 Autodrive driving school's Senior Driving Instructor is highly qualified to drive and teach and has been training, coaching and motivating people for more than 35 years

Driving instructors at A1 Autodrive driving school specialise in all driving and riding skills to an Advanced level

A1 Autodrive driving school have maintained driving test pass-rates nearly double the national average and a first time pass rate over 70% for many years

A1 Autodrive driving school has never had a pupil fail a test at Advanced Car, Advanced Motorcycle or Towing (B&E)

A1 Autodrive driving school teaches driving instructors to Standard and Advanced Levels