Automatic Driving lessons Orpington

Driving School Orpington Alpha1 - our strategy to keep you safe


    Our anti viral infection strategy and Coronavirus Pandemic safety protocol

Until the current Coronavirus infection is over, every Alpha1 driving school car will be fully sanitized after use by each client

This will include a disinfectant wipe of all surfaces and controls touched by a client and a deeper sanitization at the end of each day

Vinyl gloves will be worn by driving instructors throughout every driving lesson. New gloves will be worn for each client.

Vinyl gloves will be available for each client taking a driving lesson

By these means, no virally infected material can be transmitted from one client to another

A hand sanitizer is available for the use of your instructor and clients

If any client exhibits the signs of a viral infection, the driving lesson will be terminated.

No Alpha1 Driving School instructor will teach while suffering any viral infection

    Alpha1 Driving School - keeping you safe