Automatic Driving lessons Orpington

Automatic Driving School - Starting the learning process

Automatic Drive School Progress Card

At A1 Automatic Driving School, the learning process starts in a private car park where you will learn the basics of how to adjust seat and controls to enable you to drive properly

You will then be taught how to use all the controls such as steering, mirrors etc and how to safely move off and stop and how to steer properly using a steering trainer

During this lesson also, you will have to undergo a standard eyesight test, similar to that you will undergo at a Practical Driving Test, and there will be a full explanation of how nerves can effect you in learning how to drive, and how to deal with nerves

Only once you feel confident with your ability to control the car, will you venture out onto a quiet public road. It will be made clear to you that, if at any time you feel stressed, mention it to your driving instructor, and he/she will take control of the car (such as at traffic lights with cars behind you). You must not feel reluctant to ask for this help...

You will be given an A1 Automatic Driving School Progress Card (as shown to the left)

This is a pivotal document you should bring at each lesson. It will set out a detailed plan of what you are to do in each driving lesson, how you are achieving the goals set and keeps an account of your payments