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Automatic Driving School driving lesson and Courses

At Automatic Driving School you have the following options for driver training:

Most driving lessons are done on an hourly basis. A1 Automatic Driving School suggests that 2 to 4 hours per week is the optimum driver training time to get to driving test in the minimum number of hours. Single hour driving lessons are popular with some driving instructors as they can earn more money that way. This is because the briefing and de-briefing at each end of a lesson make a 1 hour driving lesson inefficient and therefore the lesson hours higher

    Driving School steering wheel bullet Block Booking driving lessons

With block-booking, driving lessons are arranged in the same way as hourly driving lessons, but are paid for in advance and are charged at a cheaper rate

    Driving School steering wheel bullet Manual and A1 Automatic driving school training

With A1 Automatic Driving School, manual and A1 Automatic geared cars are available and charged at the same rate. Where a particularly nervous pupil would benefit from simplifying driving lessons, A1 Automatic Drive School has had success many times by transferring manual driving lesson pupils to an A1 Automatic car until they have become used to driving. Most driving school pupils find it relevantly simple to then convert back to the manual gear driving school car