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Driving lessons - Eco-friendly and Economy Courses with Automatic Driving School

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Eco-friendly driving and economical driving are actually exactly the same thing...

From the start of their driving lessons, all clients learning to drive with A1 Automatic Driving School are taught advanced observation and analytical skills. It is these skills that allow for the best Eco-friendly and Economical driving. A by-product of this form of driving is a smooth and well planned driving style

These skills can be easily be taught to a committed experienced driver and we have found economies of up to 75% on fuel costs can be made by drivers with cars with low mpg efficiency

Eco-friendly driving training starts with convincing the driver to be gentle with ALL of the controls, gas, brake and clutch pedals, steering and brakes. This is because harsh use of each of the controls reduces efficiency and wears out the parts of the car that cost money, pollution and energy to replace or repair

The other part of Eco-friendly driving training, is the advanced observation, analysis and converting information to actions skills. An example of this would be where a driver is approaching traffic lights. The average driver does not look very far in front of their bonnet. A better trained driver will look much further ahead, see the traffic light change early; after checking mirrors for safety, that driver will, reduce the pressure on the gas pedal proportionately to the distance from the traffic lights. It will therefore be more likely that the driver may not have to break at all, that the car will not stop, but one gear change, according to the speed the car is travelling at when the lights change and gentle acceleration will suffice

This would mean That:

    Driving School Eco bullet Fuel will have been saved in not having to speed up as much ;

    Driving School Eco bullet Therefore less pollution would have been caused ;

    Driving School Eco bullet Less wear will occur on brakes and suspension, and since the driving style is smooth, the driver also;

    Driving School Eco bullet Since the traffic following that car will have to slow smoothly, the pollution saving will be multiplied by the number of following cars

    Driving School Eco bullet It is often the case that the un-eco-friendly drivers will rush up to features such as traffic lights, roundabouts etc. and have to stop, whereas the good well trained driver will catch up with the other at these features so the drive time is no longer, but the good driver will be more relaxed, rested and their car will last longer