Automatic Driving lessons Orpington

Driving School Terms and conditions

Lesson cancellations and changes
A minimum of 48 hours notice of cancellation or change of driving lessons is required, or the lesson must be paid for.

Block bookings
Block booking discounts of £2/hour are offered on block bookings or 10 hours or more under the following conditions:

    • Payment for the block booking is made in advance.
    • Block booking lessons should be taken (unless by agreement) within 12 months, or payment is forfiet.
    • Records of the hours taken, and therefore hours remaining, are indicated on progress card.
    • No refund will be given unless:
    • For some reason Alpha1 Driving School is unable or is not available to give the lessons within a reasonable time.
      • Under these circumstances a full refund for lessons not yet supplied will be given.

    • Special circumstances exists where the client wishes not to take the lessons. or
    • Where the client has breached their contract, Alpha1 Driving School is entitled to terminate the contract.
      • Under these circumstances lesson already taken will be charged at the normal rate and a £25 administration fee will be applied.